Hestra is one of the World's leading ski glove brands.  Their own brand Czone Insert is a waterproof and breathable insert just like the Gore-Tex waterproof inserts so choose any ski glove and rest assured that your hands will be warm and dry whatever the conditions on the mountains 

Founded in 1936 and run by the third generation of Magnussons. Design and development are still undertaken in the town of Hestra. All Hestra Kids Ski Gloves are manufactured in their own factory where they personally buy all leather, cloth and wool, giving Hestra complete control of the entire production chain ensuring the highest quality at every stage, of which Hestra Gloves are renowned for.   Several of the Hestra ski gloves are handmade by some of the most experienced ski glove makers in Europe. In addition to working with the Swedish and Norwegian ski teams, they get inspiration and knowledge from their own Hestra Team Riders who spend many hours outdoors in the harshest of weathers. This all results in some of the best ski gloves in the world.


Hestra Carabiner 50 mm

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