What to pack for ski school?

What to pack for ski school?

Jan 23, 2023 · Ski School

Mornings are always a rush to get ready for school but getting everyone ready for ski school can be a little stressful.  So, to help you, we have a simple checklist to help ensure that at least the bag is packed and nothing important is forgotten:

Ski pass
Parents contact details
High energy snack
Small drink
Packet of tissues (noses run in the cold!)
Money for hot chocolate stops
For the very young, spare underwear is always worthwhile!

Even when young children are starting out, they use a lot of energy walking sideways up the slope to practise snow ploughs.  Mini chocolates are great for keeping energy levels up and tears at bay.


Having a small backpack to keep with children during the day is perfect to hold the snacks but also let them remove neckwarmers if they get hot. 


Top Tip: Ski lessons can get busy, so making your child more noticeable ensures they are easy to spot in the long snake of pupils during lessons and help the instructor remember your child.  We always had either a fluorescent item of ski wear, a fun ski helmet cover or a animal backpack.  Works a treat!

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