Top picks from the Little Skiers Team

Top picks from the Little Skiers Team

Jan 22, 2019

Hobbledehoo Skiing Harness


“If you are travelling with little ones that are learning to ski, the Hobbledehoo is an absolute must! Suitable for up to 7 years, this great invention allows you to control their speed, guide them through the snow and pick them up with one hand when they fall”

Tess, Mum to 2 (not that little anymore) Little Skiers


Helmet Cover

“A funky helmet cover is 100% on my pack list – mainly because it means that my children will always be seen on the slopes, but also due to the fact that they absolutely love them and wouldn’t be seen without one!”

Tracey, Mum to 3 outdoor loving boys


Glove Liner

“In my book, warm children equal happy children and the Steiner glove liners provide exactly what they need to keep the smiles going on the slopes. Layering is the key to keeping warm in extreme temperatures and that principle applies to the hands as well”

Chris, Dad to 2 adventurous teen skiers


Travel Toys


“It’s all about making the journey stress free for me so we always pack a treasure trove of activities! I love the Tiger Tribe colouring sets as they are cleverly designed so that everything can be neatly packed away making it perfect for portable, no-mess/no-fuss play!”

Lou, Mum to 2 wriggly kids


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