Hobbledehoo Skiing Harness

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Skiing harness for children aged between 1 - 7 years.  Perfect for controlling speed as well as assisting young children on and off ski lifts 

Perfect for skiing safely with younger children, this skiing harness features two detachable leashes to enable you to control your childs speed and assist with turns.  

Fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit with adjustable shoulder straps, quick release waist straps and padded.  There is also a front and rear handle to help lift your child onto chair lifts and pick up after falls.  The reflective stripes and print are an added safety feature in difficult skiing conditions.  

Hobbledehoo Skiing Harness

Suitable for children aged between 1 -  7 years

Front and rear grab handles 

Easy adjustablility with clips around the chest

Quick release straps over shoulders that extend over helmets for ease of getting on and off.

Twin clipped detachable safety leash measuring 1m in length

High visibility reflective shoulder stripes and rear logo for dusk hours and low visibility occasions

Adheres to BS EN 13210 standard for the safety requirements of “Child use and care articles — Children’s harnesses, reins and similar type articles”


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