Teach Your Child to Ski

Teach Your Child to Ski

Jan 24, 2023 · Family Skiing Holidays · Learn to ski

Ski Instructors have often advised that the optimum time to start ski school is when your child has started school, when they are more used to taking instruction and have more stamina.  So if you are taking your toddler or child skiing this year for the first time it really is worth taking the Hobbledehoo Ski Harness and let them get used to wearing heavy skis and have fun on the nursey slopes. This helps you teach your children the basics of skiing.  The skiing harness is great for both teaching your child to ski and practising what they have learnt in ski school in the afternoons. 

A ski harness simply puts you firmly in control of their speed on a slope.  You teach them how to stop and then once this is mastered you can start teaching them how to turn.  The Hobbldehoo ski harness is invaluable as your children progress from relatively flat green nursery slopes to steeper blue runs and definitely builds their confidence on the increasingly harder runs.  When a child falls over the harness with its front and back grab handles allows for ease of picking the child up and untangling their legs and skis without too much bending over by the adult.



Front and rear grab handles are very useful when quickly getting children on and off the chair lifts, even better they are so much easier to pick up after a fall on the slopes! 
New for 2023 the HobbleDeHoo Ski Harness comes in a blue or pink colour in addition to the standard grey and there is a new XL size for children aged 7 years + who are just starting out skiing.

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