Room To Grow

Room To Grow

Dec 4, 2020 · Gear Guides

Ski Gear That Keeps Up With Your Kids

If "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", then one could say we're blushing. Spyder realized well before the rest of the ski industry that one of the biggest barriers to entry for kids to start skiing wasn't that they need a boost onto the lift by the lift operator or that the prospect of going down even the steepest runs is too scary for them...It's the gear. Whether or not you have a kid, or a niece or nephew, you can appreciate great innovation.

Skiing's an expensive sport with expensive gear. To buy a new ski jacket and pants on top of swapping skis and poles every year is an added expense, let alone a hassle.

That's why our designers had the idea all those years back to implement the Room To Grow hem in the pant and jacket sleeves of our favorite products in our Kids' outerwear line with a couple extra inches of material so that as little guys grow seemingly exponentially, they could get another year out of their Spyder gear.

Simply find the red release thread on the garment and carefully cut the thread and pull it out as shown above. It's like getting 50% off your kids ski gear and being able to use it for more than one season. 

Sleeves That Grow

We often forget that when kids get taller, their arms get longer. Each sleeve has an extra 1.5" hemmed in, so your little ripper can keep flying down the hill in their favorite jacket as their wingspan grows.


Pants Get Taller

We all experienced a crazy growth spurt in middle school. So we added 2" at the bottom of Kids' pants in order to keep up with your not-so-little guys' huge sprout in the off season. The coolest part of our pants is that when you release the hem, you also get a refreshed scuff guard.

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by Spyder - December 2020

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