Have you just booked an exciting trip to see Santa and wondering what you will need to pack for a happy holiday in Lapland? Well Little Skiers has everything you need to keep everyone super warm from top to toe!

Here are our packing suggestions for a toasty warm trip:

• Thermal glove liners
• Hand warmers
• Fleece neck warmer
• Warm hat, preferably with earflaps or fleece lined
• Thick ski socks
• Rucksack (carry an unwanted layers)
• Hot drinks flasks and snacks – really help children keep warm from the inside

• Base layer or thermal (not cotton), for extra warmth look for merino wool
• Mid layer micro fleece top and bottoms set
• Consider taking a second fleece top, in a size bigger to layer on top
• Bodywarmer or gilet to keep your core warm.

Double check your travel company is providing thermal boots, waterproof and windproof jackets and pants and thick warm ski gloves. Some companies do not supply to children under 4 years of age and others recommend you bring waterproof ski gloves for children that want to play in the snow outside the hotel.

Temperatures can get bone chillingly cold, especially if you are taking part in night trips such a watching the Northern Lights or going on a sleigh ride. There tends to be more standing around than skiing so you are not generating the heat through exercise so you must ensure you have the layers to trap the heat and keep you warm.

Scandinavian countries design their ski wear not just for skiing but for children that have to live in these climates. These brands ensure that they have the right insulation, taped seams and high levels of waterproofing and we would recommend highly Didriksons, Reima, Helly Hansen, Lego Wear, Barts as well trusted brands Icebreaker for merino thermals and Sorel for the warmest snow boots.

Also, don’t forget phones and cameras don’t like the cold, batteries can drain very fast so don’t miss out on capturing stunning photos, consider buying a power brick to take out and about for emergency phone charging.

Weather conditions can change very rapidly in Lapland so you are best wearing layers and remove during the day if necessary. Being cold in Lapland really is miserable and can ruin a very expensive trip!