What To Pack For Lapland?

What To Pack For Lapland?

Jun 1, 2023 · Lapland

Weather conditions in Lapland can change quickly and often.  In the Arctic Circle, temperatures can get as low as -30 degrees celsius in November and December and so the majority of travel companies provide specialist thermal and waterproof snowsuits, especially designed for the cold weather.   Please note that specialist thermal suits for children under 2 years aren’t always available so we recommend you check with your travel company that you will definitely have one reserved for you. 

The key to keeping warm in the Arctic Circle is being able to layer up appropriately. Wear several layers of loose-fitting thermals and fleeces beneath your provided thermal suit. 

Thermal Base Layers - merino tends to be warmer

Fleeces - fleece top & bottom sets 

Consider taking a second fleece top, in a size bigger to layer on top

Bodywarmer or gilet to keep your core warm.

Thermal glove liners

Hand warmers

Fleece neck warmer or balaclava 

Warm hat, preferably with earflaps or fleece lined

Merino ski socks

Rucksack (carry an unwanted layers)

Hot drinks flasks and snacks – really help children keep warm from the inside


Double check your travel company is providing thermal boots, waterproof and windproof jackets and pants and thick warm ski gloves. Some companies do not supply to children under 4 years of age and others recommend you bring waterproof ski gloves for children that want to play in the snow outside the hotel.

Also, don’t forget phones and cameras don’t like the cold, batteries can drain very fast so don’t miss out on capturing stunning photos, consider buying a power brick to take out and about for emergency phone charging.

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