Top picks for babies & toddlers ...
J John Holt Ripley

Top picks for babies & toddlers ...

Jan 5, 2022 · Family Skiing Holidays · What to pack skiing

A polar buff is soft, warm and looks cute while keeping bitter winds away.  A pair of fun skiing mittens (that are also insulated and waterproof) ensures they want to wear them and the attached cord makes sure they can't lose them!

Toddler skis are so easy to put on and off whenever you find a patch of snow to have fun on.  Let them slide and get used to the feeling and start to enjoy skiing like all the big people.  Don't forget the skiing harness - great for controlling them and pulling them along flat sections.

Sorel Snow Commander snow boots are fully waterproof, keep little feet warm and fit into the toddler skis perfectly!

And finally - a toddler sized rucksack to keep essentials in and a place to store mittens and hats when not being used.  

Happy Skiing!

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