Skiing in America – pros and cons

Skiing in America – pros and cons

Jul 30, 2019 · Family Skiing Holidays

I have researched a variety of travel agents and pulled together the pro’s and con’s to consider before diving in and browsing resorts.


- North American resorts are renowned for more snow each year and of better quality.  According to Scott Dunn Travel “North American resorts benefit from more snow than European counterparts. In an average winter, Whistler expects over 10 metres whereas Europe's most snow-sure resorts will be delighted with 5. The type of snow varies too. Snow in Colorado and Utah is often slightly less plentiful than in Whistler but is very dry and the result is the lightest and best powder in the world”.

- The pistes are groomed constantly maintaining the “corduroy” effect which does make life easier (but less fun?)  However, double diamond runs (similar to the black runs) are rarely groomed.

- Well organised – lift queues are managed well and generally shorter with none of the pushing and skiing over each other skis found at peak times in Europe

- The slopes are not crowded usually in Easter holiday as the Americans do not have school holidays then

- Wide open “motorway pistes” are great for beginners & intermediates to master their turns without the fear of the sheer drops

- The tree lines usually run right to the top of pistes, giving good definition, white outs are rare and beautiful scenery




  • The ski areas are not quite as extensive as over here in Europe in terms of terrain, vertical drop or number of lifts

      1. Flight times are long – approx. 10 hours Heathrow to Denver and be prepared for a 2 hour transfer ….

          1. The prices seem to start at just over £1000 per person for the most basic hotels


        So next stop, which resorts make the short list


        Tess Bradshaw

        Little Skiers – July 2019

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