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The easiest way kids learn to ski.

With a simple design that is both fun to use and focused on teaching proper posture, Slope Ropes can make learning to ski fun for everyone from the very first run!

Slope Ropes were designed for parents with young children learning to ski.  One handle sits at the hips of the child, encouraging them to bend at the waist and get comfortable in a proper ski position.  The parent can gently guide turns by twisting their handle from side to side.  As the child gets more comfortable on the hill, adults can twist with less pressure, which gently nudges the child in one direction but encourages the little skier to turn themselves as opposed to ‘being turned’. 

Slope Ropes can also control speed, which provides a feeling of security for children who are slightly more anxious on the slopes, or, a feeling of security for adults with children who have no fear on the slopes!  The focus of Slope Ropes is to promote learning – with the child carrying their own weight and skiing for themselves.  Kids will have fun skiing, and adults will too! 

Slope Ropes

  • Dual rope and handle allows adult to guide turns
  • Optimal rope length allows space for full parallel turns
  • Handle at waist allows adult to control speed and direction
  • Encourages proper skiing posture
  • No complicated harness or straps
  • Quick to put on and take off at chair lifts
  • Child carries their own weight and so learns balance quickly
  • Designed in Canada, manufactured in China
  • Intended for a competent adult to support one child weighing a maximum of 45kg
  • Only ever use on green and blue runs
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For children up to 45 kg maximum
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