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Cold Hands When Skiing? Top 10 Tips ... ">
Cold Hands When Skiing? Top 10 Tips ...
Jan 8, 2020
Cold hands when skiing can really make you miserable as well has being very hard to warm up once the cold has set in. Read our Top 10 Tips to keeping your hands toasty warm this season....
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Ski Insurance – what to check in the small print ">
Ski Insurance – what to check in the small print
Dec 10, 2019
We have always just used our travel insurance that we get with our bank account that has a winter sports add on. I must confess to never actually checking the small print and what we are covered for. So, to help prompt you to check yours before you pack the thermals and head off to slopes, we’ve pulled together some important points to check that you have adequate cover: ...
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Air BnB Ski Holidays ">
Air BnB Ski Holidays
Nov 27, 2019
When our children were very young, we always booked our family skiing holidays with the main, well known ski travel companies. It made life very easy, with creche facilities and drop off and pick up to the nearby ski school but all this came at considerable cost....
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Skiing in America – pro’s and con’s ">
Skiing in America – pro’s and con’s
Jul 30, 2019
Having never skied in America before and with teenage children now, we have decided to research the options of exploring further afield from Europe and skiing in America next season. ...
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Why buy Hestra? ">
Why buy Hestra?
Feb 4, 2019
The short answer is that they are one of the leading glove makers in the world! They have a brand steeped in heritage, are a true family run business who are 100% focused on the quality of their product and have a passion for sustainability....
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Best Thermals for Skiing ">
Best Thermals for Skiing
Jan 11, 2019
Choosing the correct thermals for skiing will ensure you and your children are warm (or cool) enough for an active day on the slopes whilst ensuring you stay dry whatever the level of activity. ...
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Extend Size - how does it work? ">
Extend Size - how does it work?
Dec 10, 2018
Didriksons, along with other premium ski brands offer an 'extend size' feature which is essential when buying ski wear for fast growing children!...
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What to pack for a family trip to Lapland ">
What to pack for a family trip to Lapland
Dec 6, 2018
Most organised Lapland holidays provide outer wear for you and your family but with temperatures as low as -30 or colder with the wind chill then you need to make sure you have packed enough thermals and fleeces! ...
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Rental Republic – your personal ski and snowboard butler service ">
Rental Republic – your personal ski and snowboard butler service
Nov 28, 2018
For the best ski hire we recommend Rental Republic - a ski hire service with a difference. Founded in 2007, in Montchavin, La Plagne Rental Republic was and born out of a desire to greatly improve the levels of customer service and equipment offered to skiers and snowboarders. ...
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Sorel’s got Legs! ">
Sorel’s got Legs!
Oct 16, 2018
A huge nationwide Sorel Campaign has launched this week, you may have seen the ‘Taxi legs’ travelling around London or billboards in major cities. ...
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Little Skiers store is open for business! ">
Little Skiers store is open for business!
Oct 1, 2018
Little Skiers has just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their online kids ski wear business. From humble beginnings running the company from home, Tess and Chris Bradshaw have steadily grown Little Skiers and are now one of the largest providers of children’s ski wear in the UK. ...
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Top 5 Travel Toys ">
Top 5 Travel Toys
Jun 25, 2018
Summer is the time for long journeys be it by car, plane or train. Away from home for a couple of weeks it’s also worth while packing a few craft activities and smaller toys to keep children entertained in restaurants so you can relax and enjoy your holiday too....
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Ski Goggles Buying Guide ">
Ski Goggles Buying Guide
Jan 26, 2018
The different lens types, colours of lens and technical terms can make choosing the correct ski goggle complicated, read our simple guide with answers to common questions to help with your selection...
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Join Reima’s Kidventure Campaign ">
Join Reima’s Kidventure Campaign
Nov 2, 2017
Finnish outdoor children’s wear brand, Reima is challenging our children to collectively achieve a million hours of activity before the end of the year. Termed ‘One Million Hours of Joy’, their ambition is to encourage children all over the world to get outside and get moving by tracking their activity levels....
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"Extend Size" explained ">
"Extend Size" explained
Sep 28, 2017
You will find this feature on some ski jacket brands such as Didriksons and its a really useful feature for fast growing children. ...
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Skiing Resorts
May 1, 2017
A family ski holiday takes a lot planning, to help kick start the process we have put together some ideas & asked some experts for suggestions too: (updated June 2016)...
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Who are Keen? ">
Who are Keen?
Apr 7, 2017
Keen is an American shoe manufacturing company founded in 2003 and based in Portland, Oregon. Their sandals and boots are now sold worldwide. The first Keen shoes were invented were a sandal that could also protect the toes they feature a signature thick black bumper covering the toes. They now sell snow boots, casual boots and boots for all outdoor activities. ...
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Ski Back Protectors – do you really need one? ">
Ski Back Protectors – do you really need one?
Apr 3, 2017
Certain areas of your body are more vulnerable to injuries: knees, wrists and lower body injuries are far more common and a back protector won’t help with any of these. However, spinal injuries can occur during a collision or sliding into trees and rocks at the edges of the piste and these types of injuries can be devastating with long term consequences. ...
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Ski Helmet Buying Guide – Ski Helmet Construction ">
Ski Helmet Buying Guide – Ski Helmet Construction
Feb 28, 2017
Wearing a ski helmet ensures your safety. Every ski helmet has to undergo rigorous testing and conform to stringent international safety standards for personal protective equipment. So every ski helmet will protect you and your family whilst skiing. The options available are then purely down to personal preference and budget....
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Late season skiing? recommended resorts ">
Late season skiing? recommended resorts
Jan 20, 2017
An early Easter weekend with Good Friday falling on March 14th in 2017, many schools are not breaking up for another fortnight leaving skiing opportunities a little later in 2017. Many schools break up on March 31st 2017 but some are even a week later. ...
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Lapland for Christmas? ">
Lapland for Christmas?
Oct 2, 2016
If you are considering a trip this Christmas to Lapland, there is more to it than meeting Father Christmas. He may be the main show for your little ones but alongside that magic there is a vast wilderness to wonder at, wildlife and with a bit of luck, the Northern Lights may put on a show for you too....
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Skiing - Fascinating Facts ">
Skiing - Fascinating Facts
Sep 26, 2016
Info-graphic on skiing...
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Skiing - Fascinating Facts ">
Skiing - Fascinating Facts
Sep 8, 2016
Info-graphic on skiing...
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