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The 200 Oasis Long Sleeve Crewe provides breathable, odour-free warmth with an updated fit for improved layering and comfort.

Icebreaker merino thermals are ideal for skiing, keeping them toasty warm all day on the slopes.  These unisex style are from the 200 Bodyfit series which are great at temperature regulation, keeping children warm on cold days and ensuring they don't overheat on warmer days skiing.  The 200g of merino wicks away any moisture and is breathable making these super comfortable to wear.  Children also love the silky soft merino next to their skin-with no itch!

What makes Merino so great?

The New Zealand merino sheep has an amazing all-weather coat that lets him roam the wild Southern Alps in snow, rain, sun and wind. It works for the sheep, and it'll work for you. Icebreaker merino locks in warmth, looks great, feels light and soft against your skin and doesn't itch or smell. Best of all, you're helping our planet wearing clothing that comes from nature and has been made with a respect for animals, people and the environment.

Icebreaker Kids Bodyfit Base Layer - LS Crewe

  • Colourway: Black
  • 200gm jersey/100% pure New Zealand merino wool
  • slim fit
  • machine washable and line dry
  • flat lock stitching to prevent chafing
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