Edgie Wedgie Ski Tip Connector

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The Edgie Wedgie helps beginning skiers form snow plow for turn and speed control

Please note the pink is a bright pink

These Edgie Wedgie provides an alternative to the velcro fastened ski tip connector. It's a proven confidence booster for kids as they learn to ski.  Attach by sliding the plastic clamp over the ski tip and tighten the screw.

The wedge will improve kids confidence providing turn and speed control.

Edgie Wedgie Ski Connector SKE

  • Reinforced plastic, stretch bungee cord
  • Features: Wider mouth to fit thicker skis, bungee cord to minimize rips
  • Fit: Securely attaches to most skis with steel thumb screw
  • Small to keep in bag or pocket
  • Can be removed to go on and off lifts
  • Sizing: Recommended for kids age 2-6 years old
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