Cold Hands When Skiing? Top 10 Tips ...

Cold hands when skiing can really make you miserable as well has being very hard to warm up once the cold has set in. Read our Top 10 Tips to keeping your hands toasty warm this season.

Cold Hands When Skiing? Top 10 Tips ...

Leather Tipped Mittens – when holding ski poles the leather just gives that extra protection against biting winds.  We recommend the Hestra Army Leather range of ski gloves and mittens

Layer Up - Warm layers around your core ensures your body stays warm and it won't divert the blood from extremities to try and keep the blood around the vital organs, improving the circulation of warm blood to your hands and feet.

Wear Wrist Warmers – The blood vessels that deliver blood to your hands and fingers come very close to the outer surface of the skin on the inside of your wrist so wear a pair of fleece wrist warmers to keep them protected and insulated.

Have hand warmers in your mittens – one-time use hand warmers are an inexpensive way of getting direct heat to the hands.  Generally lasting around 8 hours they can be placed directly in the ski mittens or between the liner and mitt. 

Keep your gloves and mittens dry and warm at lunch – ideally place on a radiator or if there is no direct heat source then keep them in between your core fleece layers

Heated Gloves – self-explanatory!  We love the Hestra Power Heater Ski Glove

Wear Glove Liners – a good pair will wick moisture away from your hands and if you have to remove your ski gloves to get into your rucksack, then the liner will still keep you warm

Ensure Ski Gloves are Waterproof – not just water-resistant.  Any water that gets in (which is easy when you fall or heavy snow showers) makes it really difficult to dry and leads very quickly to chilled hands.  They should be breathable too so any moisture generated on a hard ski run is allowed to escape.

Mittens, mittens, mittens – ski mittens keep the fingers together meaning less surface area to lose the heat.

Test yourself on harder pistes – coasting down a gentle flat blue is not going to get the heart p[umping.  Challenge yourself over bumps and longer spells before breaking off for a rest on the side of the piste to keep the warm blood flowing to the fingertips. 

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