Best Thermals for Skiing

Choosing the correct thermals for skiing will ensure you and your children are warm (or cool) enough for an active day on the slopes whilst ensuring you stay dry whatever the level of activity.

Best Thermals for Skiing

Your choices should really be made on where you are skiing, how early or late on in the season as well as how much skiing you are planning to do.  For example, younger children just starting out in ski school are often low down in resort where it is warmer but have a lot of standing around waiting during ski school so it can still get cold.

Older and more experienced children often are working harder so generate heat quicker and will need more “active” layers to ensure heat generated wicks away and does not wet the clothing which is when the chills set in on ski chair lifts.

Ideally when skiing, we would recommend always wearing a base layer or skiing thermal whatever the weather.  This is probably the most important layer as being next to the skin its job is to wick away any moisture away from the skin and dry quickly.  The differences in pricing found in skiing thermals are down to the material used generally. 

odlo thermals for skiing

Odlo Active Thermal Crew Top (£20) comes in blue, pink, navy stripe or black.  Made from 100% polyester that is warm and soft to the touch these skiing thermals wick moisture away fast whilst leaving the thermal dry.  

Perfect for children that will be skiing all day and do not want to get hot.  

Wear everyday as the all important first layer.  Team with Odlo Active Ski Leggings 

For a slightly warmer thermal the Icebreaker Oasis Merino Thermal tops (£34.99) has 200g of merino wool which is still excellent at wicking moisture away but is made from 100% natural merino wool.  Available in a variety of colours and in adult sizing too.  

The natural nature of this wool means it has anti-bacterial properties and won't smell even after a hard days skiing!

icebreaker kids merino thermal
icebreaker warm merino ski thermal

For extra warmth in high skiing resorts, early season skiing or simply that children feel the cold we would recommend the Icebreaker 260 Tech skiing thermals

Made with 260g of merino wool these have excellent wicking properties but made with a thicker yarn.  Teamed with the 260 merino ski leggings, these will make a very warm base layer.

Helly Hansen developed their own LIFA stay warm technology and is a unique fibre that has been used in their base layers for more than 40 years successfully. 

Lightweight, warm and incredibly efficient at wicking moisture away, these skiing thermals are designed to be worn close to the skin and are perfect for active skiers.

Helly Hansen Lifa Kids SKi Thermals
odlo thermals for skiing

We just love the Odlo Warm Originals Kids Ski Thermals with the extra warm inserts to protect the kidneys and upper back when temperatures drop below freezing.   

Along with the silver ion-treated fibres that offer long-lasting antibacterial defence against sweat-related odours, we think at £38.99 for a top and leggings in the set these make a brilliant value purchase. 

So whatever the weather, it is advised that you wear base layer thermals everyday and to take a couple of sets away with you for a weeks skiing holiday. For extra cold days you can add in a midlayer which provides the warmth.  Our next blog will feature out top midlayer picks.

January 2019

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